Chris Anderson

Chris brings 8 years experience of working in and around the overseas property industry. He has worked for a number of agents around Europe, and so has acquired a deep understanding and knowledge of the property investment sector. Chris will be keeping us all up to date with the latest events in the overseas property sector.

  Articles published by Chris Anderson :

Dubai Leading in Real Estate Performance 29-05-2012
According to Knight Frank’s latest Prince Location Cities Index, Dubai has performed better than all property markets around the world. It has been named the world&..... Read More

The Next Big Thing 12-04-2012
Property investors are always looking for the next big thing and it looks like Brazil could be it. This is according to Buy Association who says that the country is going..... Read More

Cypriot Sales Slump 10-04-2012
Property sales on the island of Cyprus have experienced a rather dramatic fall in overseas demand it has been reported. Over the course of the last month, just five prope..... Read More

Maltese Overseas Property Remains Popular 06-03-2012
The small island of Malta holds great opportunities for overseas property buyers. Bloomberg, a website that provides regular business and financial updates, announced las..... Read More

Popular Holiday Destinations 01-03-2012
It’s been revealed that overseas property investors are looking to Spain and Florida for investment opportunities. The supply of holiday rental accommodation increa..... Read More

UAE the Latest Destination for Overseas Properties 21-02-2012
It has been reported by the property website Prime Location that searches for properties in the United Arab Emirates increased by almost 50% towards the end of 2011. It a..... Read More

Spanish Property Proves Popular 03-02-2012
It has been reported that property in Spain has proven so popular with overseas buyers that many developments now have waiting lists in order to allocate apartments accor..... Read More

Bulgarian Property See Prices Fall 24-01-2012
The latest figures have revealed that residential property prices in Bulgaria were lower in 2011 than they were in 2010 by five to 10%.   The initial predictions f..... Read More

Overseas Mortgage Opportunities Emerge 17-01-2012
It has been revealed that mortgage intermediaries are signing up to Conti, an overseas mortgage specialist, at a rather rapid rate. Conti has said that even though the mo..... Read More

Panama a Top Destination 10-01-2012
A recent study has named Panama among the most desirable destinations for people to retire to. Reuters reported on the Retirement Index 2012 that was released by Internat..... Read More

Brazilian Property Looks Hot 15-12-2011
A new report has found that Brazil is pulling in a lot of attention from overseas property investors.’s study, entitled Top of the Props..... Read More

MEP Wants EU Protection for Overseas Property Investors 13-12-2011
Diana Wallis, the UK Liberal Democrat MEP, has promised to resolve the problems that thousands of expats face when dealing with cross-border EU property sales. In order t..... Read More

India Receives Influx of Expats 06-12-2011
A report from Property Wire has revealed that India’s job market is increasingly attracting skilled British expats in high numbers. Around 40,000 expats are curr..... Read More

Spanish Government Needs to Rejuvenate Economy 24-11-2011
Overseas property investors are hopeful that the new Spanish government will end the period of uncertainty in the markets. It is currently hoped that there will be new..... Read More

France Prime for Investors 22-11-2011
Most European countries are, currently, embroiled in economic turmoil, however, it has been reported that there is now increased interest in French property from expats a..... Read More

Overseas Investors Targeted by HMRC 10-11-2011
Overseas property investors may find themselves coming under scrutiny by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) after a 200-strong team was set up to target tax evasion. Step..... Read More

Marketing an Overseas Property 08-11-2011
Every summer overseas property investor’s look to fill their holiday homes, with the last few years being fairly slow for overseas landlords. The number of tourists..... Read More

Spanish Bargains 04-11-2011
Investors can find a fantastic bargain in Spain at the moment, industry experts have reported. There are currently a whole range of incentives available through banks and..... Read More

Polish Property Purchases have Risen 01-11-2011
Last month it was revealed that Poland was the latest property hotspot for UK tourists. It would seem that those who are seeking property abroad are turning to Poland as ..... Read More

Investing in French Property 26-10-2011
French rental tax has been an issue on the lips of many overseas property investors during the course of this year. Back in the summer Nicholas Sarkozy floated the idea o..... Read More

Where to Buy a Holiday Home? 21-10-2011
With the summer now behind us it is perhaps time for landlords to take stock and begin planning for next year. If you have ever thought about investing in a holiday prope..... Read More

Valuation Clash Over Spanish Property 20-10-2011
It has been revealed recently that banks and investors are clashing over the valuation of Spanish properties. Recent reports have given examples of instances where fi..... Read More

Booking Systems 17-10-2011
Booking holidays these days can be an exciting yet frustrating experience. If you are letting a holiday home, either in the UK, or somewhere overseas, you will need to th..... Read More

Why Choose a Spanish Property? 14-10-2011
A classic holiday destination for many Britons is Spain, and people continue to head there year after year to enjoy the sunshine, sea and sangrias! So it’s no surpr..... Read More