The protection of data is something we take extremely seriously. We comply at all times with our statutory obligations regarding data protection in relation to all of our policies. Client information is confidential and is strictly always treated as such. We never, under any circumstances, release information or details about any of our clients or policyholders to anybody else or to any other company, organisation or third party.

The only time that your information may be passed on to others will be if we are instructed to do so by law or for the purpose of handling claims, if any, which may require us to provide some information to a third party such as an Independent Loss Adjuster.

When we collect personal information from you
Personal information is collected by us from you when you request any of our online services or you contact us by telephone with a quote request or you wish to purchase an insurance policy or you request to make an amendment to your policy or for the handling of claims, if any.

The information we will request from you will be limited to the necessary information required to provide you with the service you have requested. We do not ask for any information that is not necessary or is irrelevant to your individual needs or requirements.

Should your personal information change at any time, we would ask you to keep us informed of the change so that our records may stay up to date.

How personal information is stored
Personal information that we hold about you is always held securely on our in house computer systems. These systems are securely backed up on a daily basis. Information provided through our website is also held securely on dedicated servers and cannot be accessed by any third parties or individuals that are not part of our organisation.

All telephone calls received or made by us are recorded for monitoring and training purposes. Our recorded telephone calls are also held on dedicated servers and can only be accessed by senior employees of our organisation. For added security recorded telephone calls cannot be amended or deleted from the system.

How your personal information is used
Your personal information is only used for the purpose of providing quotes or if you wish to purchase an insurance policy or you request to make an amendment to your policy or for the handling of claims, if any.

Personal information will never be used for any other purpose unless you ask us to do so or we are instructed to do so by law.

Debit/Credit Card details
Should you make a payment to us by using either your debit or credit card, then the information you provide for this purpose will not be stored or retained by us.

Any and all payments made online are encrypted to prevent fraud and are not stored by us on any of our systems afterwards.

How you can get to see the personal information we hold
You may request to receive a copy of the personal information we hold about you, by making a request in writing. There is currently an administration charge of £10 for this service.

To receive a copy please write to us at our head office requesting the information enclosing your payment of £10.

All requests will be dealt with within the regulatory time period of 40 days.

Governing law
This privacy policy is governed by the law of England and Wales it is subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Changes to our privacy policy
The content of our privacy policy is under constant review and may from time to time be amended or updated as appropriate. The website will always display the most recent copy of our privacy policy.